Rising Sea Game
Understanding Options through Unity Game Design

Instructor: Matthew Seibert
Individual Work
Year: 2020 Spring
Location: Coastal Virginia

In this project, I am proposing a new funding program provided by Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) at state level. The program provides funding for individual homeowner to relocate to areas with less flood risk. Homeowners can choose different options based on their financial consideration and expected time of living in their property. Though individuals have the right to stay in their property for as long as they want, retreat from areas of high flood and sea level rise risk is the safest and the most economic choice. The funding program aims to assist homeowners to make better decisions base on their requirement.

The brochure outlines different options and provided an App to assist homeowner with decision-making. The App serves as an educational tool illustrating possible outcome of each option, and encourage more people to relocate.

As severe weather events become more and more frequent, more homeowner will experience similar dilemma of whether or not to keep their property. Not only increased weather/climate induced risk will damage property, but also increase insurance fee for the homeowner. All of the options I am proposing in this funding program already exist, but all of them exist in different sectors of federal, state, and local government. Under the Green New Deal, this program allows property owners to make their decision without going through multiple programs at different level.

House Elevation:
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Beach nourishment:
US Army Corps Engineers

Relocation and Easement:
State Department of Environmental Quality,
State Department of Conservation and Recreation,
Private Non-profit,
Fish and Wildlife Service,
Environmental Protection Agency